Honkai Impact 3rd Major Content Update Rogue and Square - Ice and Haymakers!

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The global version of Honkai Impact 3rd has launched a new major content update! find out what the new update has to bring for players in the official press release below

<<Official Honkai Impact 3rd Press Release>>

Uber-powered Battlesuits Ready for Battle!

Sixth Serenade strikes in the night! Kallen the Rogue Extraordinaire has finally arrived in her specialist Ice Elementalist battlesuit. Tap into the freezing powers and the wisdom of the Ravens to wreak havoc upon the enemies of justice. Apply devious tags and boost the squad’s elemental output to freeze, burn, and electrocute the Honkai to kingdom come. The Sixth Serenade rules the night. Let the Honkai cower in fright.

Let the Night Squire serve devastation to the Honkai!

Deck out Fu Hua in this dashing, combo-focused battlesuit! Do not be fooled by her quiet and dashing demeanor, for this seneschal taps into the very power of the stars themselves. Unleash the power of the Chinese constellations as she pummels, rends, and blitzes through the enemies with knuckle, fist, claw, and kick. Study the way of predatory raptors and strike with their speed and precision. Connect combos into devastating onslaughts and put down those Honkai beasts for good!


The Valkyries have secured a landing at Schicksal HQ!

Principal Theresa allied herself with Anti-Entropy to rescue her kidnapped niece Kiana from the clutches of the cunning Overseer Otto. However, the Valkyries of the Far East Branch did not expect Otto’s nefarious plans in bringing about the apocalypse. An avatar has been secretly prepared to house a dark and evil entity who seeks nothing but to wipe out human civilization. Will the Valkyries be ready for her descent?

Honkai Impact 3rd coming in German and French!

Schicksal HQ is finally opening branches in Germany and France! To prepare Captains reporting to these branches, HQ has provided a stash of 500 Crystals, 4-star stigma: Fu Hua Outing, and 3-star weapon Twin Phoenix.

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