"Crown Four Kingdoms" Open Beta is Official Live – Kingdom Wars Await!

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A few days ago, X-Legend has announced that Crown Four Kingdoms was officially launched! Players can download the game through both iOS and Android platforms. Experience the secrets of the kingdoms of Crown Four Kingdoms, as well as the mystical fantasy-like art style, partake in kingdom wars, build an empire, and enjoy exciting storylines – all this lies in the secrets of Crown Four Kingdoms!


A Magical & Fantastical World Cruelly Stained by War

In Crown Four Kingdoms, players must first choose from four large kingdoms in order to embark on their journey. The four large kingdoms are as follows: the Sunblaze Empire that wields the “Sword of Victory”, the Heckham Kingdom that holds the “Chalice of Soul”, the Emerald Federation that possesses the “Crown of Life”, and lastly the Republic of Sandre that bears the “Priest of Reality”. Kingdom Wars exist because of these relics. Kingdoms must defend themselves while at the same time attempt to collect these relics from other kingdoms.


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Real-time Kingdom Wars

When players reach character level 20, that is when the most exciting feature comes to play – the massive real-time kingdom wars begin. Bring your heroes and mount to war, establish an empire, and work together with other players! An abundance of great rewards are prepped and ready to be claimed for players who have preregistered for Crown Four Kingdoms. For the first 7 days of the adventure , players can participate in the newbie event and obtain generous rewards from doing simple quests.

With thoughtful guides accompanying you on your journey, you will have nothing to fear starting off. Grow and progress step by step to become the kingdom’s Archon!

Players can still participate Pre-register to get the wonderful rewards now, and get exclusive S-class hero & mount for free when you log in game.

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