New Key Visual for Psycho Mob 100 Revealed at AnimeNYC

Mr. Qoo

On 16th November, the first day of AnimeNYC, a new key visual was revealed for the for the upcoming second season of Psycho Mob 100.

二期動畫 路人超人100

The new key visual came with a subtle slogan “A different perspective, and the world becomes something different”, and as seen in the new key visual, characters are seen looking out into the world in different perspective. The new season is set to air in Japan starting 7th January 2019.

Season II PV

About the Series

Serialized since 2012, Mob Psycho 100,  like the mangaka’s another work One Punch Man, revolves around young people with supernatural power. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is an extremely ordinary middle school boy who, however, possesses a strong psychic power that can destroy anything. As he starts working part-time for a self-proclaimed psychic called Arataka Reigen, he begins a life of expelling evil spirits while at the same time dealing with his emotions and jealous brother.

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