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This week’s review is a bit different due to the simple fact it’s just a oneshot.

Dear My Destiny

For those reading who are not aware of what a oneshot is within the world of stories and manga, a oneshot is another term for short story, or a story that contains only one chapter. The oneshot surrounding this week’s focus is called Dear My Destiny published by Daisy Comics and the author Sakazuki Shuran (逆月酒乱).

For a oneshot, this story is satisfying in all ways. It’s almost a shame that there won’t be any additions to this hot plot. It offers the proper amount of backstory, steamy scenes, and cuteness, all wrapped up into one chapter. So if you wanna delve a little deeper into this newly released oneshot, then stick around and read what’s to come.


In this world, there is a race of humans known as “Beastmen”. Worshipped as gods in some countries, shunned in others, they are very rare. Liebe and Amor – beast and human – share the very same sake, namely love.

Dear My Destiny

Liebe seeks out Amor during an auction, the reason solely based on the beastman’s name. When taken home, to Amor’s surprise, Liebe had tamed him rather easily with a very “unique” method.

Amor soon learns that Liebe is different from others and can actually relate to all the same levels of suffering he had endured.

Though in body they are both very different, in heart they are one in the same, and that is perhaps why they can adapt to one another without too much struggle.


■ Amor

Dear My Destiny

The beastman in this tale. Since he was young, he was sold by his parents and had been in auction after auction. He had very little trust for humans and generally remains in his beast form, at least until Liebe provokes him to show his human form. He is very feisty and energetic once he speaks, but it makes him all the more cute whenever Liebe is playing with him. Amor isn’t completely sure as to why Liebe sought him out, but he doesn’t feel the need to question it any longer.

■ Liebe

Dear My Destiny

A mysterious man indeed. He was the highest bidder, of course, during the auction to win Amor. He has lived a very lavish life since he was young, but it seems ever since he was young, he has been long troubled by the death of his father. His butler reveals that ever since then Liebe had a great struggle when it came to sleeping or resting properly. It wasn’t until he rested with Amor in his arms that he was able to rest so soundly.

Don’t knock this story until you have tried it. It’s sad to realize such an interesting tale is only one chapter but on the bright side the chapter provided is satisfying to the reader. What this story lacks in size, or chapters, it makes up for its sweet, steamy, and cute plot. Though all of the cuteness mainly comes from Amor, his cat ears, and his beast form, all in all it’s the same type of cute. So I’d definitely recommend this to any and every fundashi who is looking for something sweet and short to read, but still retains all those steamy bits.

Dear My Destiny is now available in Oppai Oshiri comic.

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