MIST GEARS Mobile Game is Available for Download!

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Alim x tri-Ace x Shueisha’s multimedia project MIST GEARS has released the mobile game part of the project today (26th November).

Announcement Trailer

The full project will include a mobile game, a comic series titled Mist Gears BLAST, and a novel series titled Mist Gears GHOST. The series is written by emerging writer Hajime Tanaka (田中創, characters are designed by Yoichi Amano (天野 洋一), the creator of Ana No Mujina.

World Setting

After a devastating catastrophe, extinction and survival all rely on MIST.

All of a sudden, the world was swallowed by a thick mist, and from within the mist, monsters appeared, leading to the largest catastrophe the world has ever faced. The human race is stepped towards extinction on the “Day of Purgatory”.

70 years after the Day of Purgatory, the Valks Kingdom (ヴァルクス-Varukusu) began their project to rebuild the earth, putting their hopes in new equipment named MIST GEARS.

About the Game

The game is an RPG with environmental simulations, players will have to act according to the mist covering the world. Using MIST GEARS, equipment powered by the power of the mist, players will have to explore the post-apocalyptic world. The game will support up to four-player co-op.

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