QooApp Makes Special Appearance at C3AFA Singapore 2018?!

Mr. Qoo

This weekend (30th November – 2nd December), QooApp will be making a special appearance at C3AFA Singapore 2018!

With the help of our friends at Helix Waltz and Honkai Impact 3, QooApp will come bearing gifts and prizes for users at the Helix Waltz Booth and the Honkai Impact 3 booth at C3AFA Singapore!

Over the C3AFA Singapore 2018 weekend, visitors will be able to get their hands on QooApp Merch, from adorable Phone Ring Holders featuring the QooApp Family to QooApp postcards and hard copies of the first chapters of QooApp: Login Exception! Asides from the QooApp Phone Ring Holder which will be given out upon purchase for any merch at the Helix Waltz and Honkai Impact 3 booth, the postcards, QooApp: Login Exception copies, and special QooApp fans will be available for free at the booths!

QooApp Merch Available at C3AFA:

Merch Available at Helix Waltz Booth:

Booth Details

Merch Available at Honkai Impact 3 Booth:

Honkai Impact Booth Events and Schedule

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