Medabots Announces New Mobile Project for Their 21st Anniversary Celebration

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It has been 21 years since the Medabots series (Medarot in Japan) first launched. Yesterday (28th November), Imagineer announced that the series will be receiving a new mobile game adaptation!


The new project will be the first-ever mobile game for the series. Imagineer has yet to reveal specific details for the upcoming game.

In addition to the new project, Imagineer has also announced new updates for the series including an overhaul on the official website, special Medabots-themed Pop-Up Store at Akihabara, and more!

Announcement Recap

Official Website Overhaul

Following the announcement, the series’ official website received a major overhaul. The new website features new Medabots-themed desktop wallpapers, icons, and details on the Medabots series. Additionally, a new Medabots Fans Club has also been added to the website!

Medabots-themed Pop-Up Store @ Akihabara

The announcement also revealed that in mid-2019, a special Pop-Up store will appear in Akihabara’s “エンタバアキバ”.


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