BL Review: Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai

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A new steamy manga! Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai (高嶺の花は、散らされたい) takes the reins and goes full speed ahead as it delivers an interesting and deliciously satisfying first chapter. The creator, Sakyou Aya (左京亜也), has really brought their best when providing this release to the beautiful world of yaoi.

Right off the bad, you can tell this manga means business, the shojo-style art is pleasing to the eyes. The sexy aesthetic truly works in favor of the character wonderfully. This manga is another of the omegaverse genre, but with a slight interesting twist. The one who appears to be an alpha is actually an omega. It totally has what it takes to become a memorable crowd pleaser and favorite.


We once again enter the setting of the omegaverse in the point of view of Yukishita-kun.

Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai

Many of those who lay their eyes on him are quick to assume he is an alpha. But in reality he is an omega, one who in fact has yet to experience his first heat. He is an average up and coming worker in society…and then there is Renjaku-san, a sexy flourist who makes men and women who lay eyes on him swoon. Both meet one another on an almost daily basis at Yukishita’s job at the coffee shop, and each and every time almost sees like a stand off between two alpha’s, but on the inside Yukishita is in the same position as those watching, internally swooning.

Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai

Two total strangers, brought together by accident. A lovely story that never loses its touch. This particular scenario leads to this omega’s very first head, and he is with none other than the true alpha when it happens. What’s to come next leaves little to the imagination, especially since the first chapter ends with an extremely steamy cliffhanger between the two.


■ Yukishita-kun

Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai

Most look up to him with admiration and in aw, as his natural mannerism and physical look all together gives him off to be an alpha. But in all honesty this man is an omega believe it or not. He seems to be quiet and doesn’t reveal much about himself to the others around him, which makes sense since they all think he is one thing when he is actually another. He seems to have almost a secret crush on Renjaku-san.

■ Renjaku-san

Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai

He is the walking and breathing definition of sexy and fine! Let the panels speak for themselves. He seems to be a strong and well experienced alpha and he is not afraid to show it one bit. He has eyes that can make a heart melt, and an attitude that can bite. It would leave any fujoshi and fudanshi rolling and squealing in excitement.

Takane No Hana Wa Chirasaretai

Although the mangaka finishes off the first chapter with a super steamy scene that seems to be “what fujoshi and fudanshi wish to see the most already”, I believe there are much more than that. Isn’t it common for manga to be satisfying readers so fast but the plot takes a big u turn afterwards? So stay until the very end of to see what twist could possibly be there!

The manga is serialised on Dear+ magazine. You can read it online on Renta!.

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