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Were you ever curious as to what happened to our beloved main characters in Shina Suzaka’s (須坂紫那) BL manga – Netsuai Nante Ariemasen (熱愛なんてありえません!)? Well you are in luck!

Netsuai Nante Ariemasen

There is already a new Netsuai Nante Ariemasen, and that is actually a continuation of the developing love story between Kirishima and Toudou.

The story picks up right where the original left off, letting the two to kick off the manga as an official couple. Prepare for a couple giggles and sweet awe moments in this first chapter review.


Kirishima Naoto is handsome, hardworking, and popular among his female coworkers, except for the extreme brother complex he has for his younger brother, Hokuto. Swearing off love for his brother’s sake, Naoto only really hangs out with his friend from college, Toudou. Though he knows Toudou is gay, he has never held it against him. One day, he sees Toudou texting his brother Hokuto and declares that he will change places with his little brother since “any man would do” for Toudou!

Netsuai Nante Ariemasen

This story and plot soon rolls over where we are greeted Kirishima caught in disbelief now that he and Toudou are now an official couple. Kirishima is lost in his thoughts and is unsure on how to suddenly act like they are a couple, after denying the other male for so long. Besides, he is hit in the face with a rather shocking and annoying problem – It appears that Toudou is ignoring poor Kirishima and not really acknowledging him as his boyfriend in the outside world yet.

Kirishima is plagued with many thoughts of whether Toudou is now rejecting him and regretting being with him. But he must battle his thoughts to get down to the truth, since they are an official couple after all


■ Kirishima

Netsuai Nante Arimasen

Kirishima is as lively as ever in the stories continuation. He also shows a great amount of character growth in his favor since we see him become victim and vulnerable to emotions he has never felt before with Toudou. He experiences jealousy for the first time over a very small unimportant instance. He has room to grow and understand his feelings with Toudou.

■ Toudou

Netsuai Nante Ariemasen

Nonchalant as always. Toudou’s normal behavior and aura in general have not changed. Though we see this sweetheart struggling to express his strong love for Kirishima due to the fact he confesses that it is not exactly easy to treat someone different after you had to treat them like a normal friend for so long. Also making room for his character to develop as well, as he teaches himself to become comfortable in public with showing his affection to Kirishima.

This new release is jam packed with awe moments, sweet moments, and surprising moments. If you wish to read the sequel then it’s highly recommended that you read the original beforehand, though it’s not necessary to understand what happened earlier in order to catch up with the plot of this continuation – It is just as good as a standalone story!

You can read the manga on Renta!.

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