Moepoint x QooApp: Warship Girls Pre-register begins!

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Moepoint – the overseas department of the well known game developer Moefantsy, is holding a pre-register campaign of the global server of Warship Girls along with anime game platform QooApp.

Warship Girls

You’ll serve as a naval commander and build your fleet as you battle an unknown hostile force called the “Barathrum Fleet”. Build your fleet, develop your weapons, do sorties and exercises to make your fleet grow! Satisfy your ever-growing desire to collect in fragmented time.

Each girl represents a ship in the naval history, ranging from pre-WWI to post-WWII. More than 400 warship girls from all over the world are available and waiting. Write your story the way you want!

The global server will be based on the newest version of the game along with the full damaged illustrations (which will be given a rating of 17+).

Warship Girls

Pre-registration Rewards

HMS Rodney x1
Equipment Blueprint x5
Rapid Construction x5

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