Honkai Impact3 - Vermillion Sword: A new S-rank Himeko battlesuit joins the fray!

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Honkai Impact 3, the 3D action mobile game developed by miHoYo, has just released a new version update. In the new version, Murata Himeko arrives wreathed in flames with her S-rank Vermillion Knight battlesuit, and the all-new character Rita joins the battle with her scythe in the A-rank Umbral Rose battlesuit!

Limited-time Expansion Supply for Himeko’s S-rank battlesuit [Vermillion Knight] and new character Rita’s A-rank battlesuit [Umbral Rose] are now available, Captains can’t afford to miss it~

Murata Himeko’s S-rank [Vermillion Knight] battlesuit

Himeko’s 6th battlesuit is the soul awakened form of her mecha-type [Scarlet Fusion] battlesuit. The Vermillion Knight is capable of dealing a mix of Physical and Fire DMG with a high number of hits while staying agile on the battlefield. 

Honkai Impact3

New character Rita’s A-rank battlesuit [Umbral Rose]

A psychic-type battlesuit for the new scythe-wielding character, Rita. Her Ultimate Skill attacks enemies within range with multiple slashes.

Honkai Impact3

Login Bonus

Login for 7 days between December 11 ~ December 25 to receive Crystals and the stigma Rita: Autumn Leaves (B)!

Honkai Impact3

Storyline Chapter 9 – Journey for Tomorrow

The Herrscher is reborn as a storm of destruction covering the sky, sweeping away all who stand in her path. It’s the twilight of the gods, the final battle is coming!

New Schicksal HQ Open World Area – Helheim

The new [Helheim] area for the Schicksal HQ Open World map will be available for a limited time. Participate in the all-new Helheim Hunt game mode to receive loads of rewards!

Honkai Impact3

All-new Ultra-hard Challenge: Aesir Files

A new ultra-challenge mode is here! Make use of the new stage mechanics to achieve victory!

Equipment Updates

◆ New weapons: [Godslayer: Surtr], [Aphrodite]

◆ New stigmata: [Wilde], [Thales]

Show off your muscles in the Honkai War, Captains!

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