Ambition's Rebirth Union Now Available for Download

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Today (13th December), Ambition released their previously announced mobile game Rebirth Union (リバースユニオン)!

rebirth union

Rebirth Union is a mobile real-time strategy card game featuring characters from IPs under Ambition. Characters featured in the new game not only span from current running IPs but will also bring back characters from games that have already stopped service! Players will be able to once again reunite with their favorite characters from past Ambition games.


Each turn, layers will be able to play three cards from their deck. Cards have no summon requirements, meaning as long as that card is in your hand, you will be able to play it in your turn. Players will also be able to attack other character cards their opponents have placed on the field. Each card may also have its own different skill and effect.

All your cards on the field can attack, as long as they were not summoned on that turn. When attacking or being attacked, both cards take damage depending on the stats of the opposing card.

The total stats of all the cards on your field is shown next to the leader icon. After seven turns, the player with the highest total stat wins.

The game has reached all its pre-registration milestones.


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