BL Review: Makka na Freesia

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This is a new release that many are probably well aware of by now and for good reason. Who wouldn’t be squealing over a new smexy vampire themed Yaoi?!

Makka na Freesia

Makka na Freesia (真っ赤なフリージア) was published by Katsura Komachi (桂小町), and boy did this author throw us in for quite a doozy with this first chapter. As of late, and in the opinion of many, many new releases have been quite tame with their first chapters, more than likely due to the fact to preserve the pace of the plot. However even though you are already thrown in suddenly into this story with the the plot and the smexyness of it, the pace itself is no where out of place surprisingly!


Makka na Freesia

A human and a vampire, a tale as old as time. A human by the name of Mr. Yakumo heads off to serve in a aristocratic vampire’s mansion. Very little is known about the young man besides the fact he is a human and that is fresh outta high school. The reason why he has come to serve Chikage is quite a mystery to the staff. What human would willingly work in a house full of vampires?

Makka na Freesia

Chikage takes little interest in the new hire…that is until he gets a taste of his blood by pure chance. To him all blood has tasted foul and disgusting. To vampires the taste of blood is said to reflect the level of affection they hold for the human. Such blood that holds much affection is said to taste like flowers. Though Chikage has had many partners both sexually and for meals, he has not yet experience such a taste, until one night he tastes the blood of his new human staff member.


■ Chikage

Makka na Freesia

Don’t be fooled by looks, this young face is actually a 34 year old vampire. Chikage is in a way a brat we see later on in the chapter. He recognizes himself as a whore, and awaits the taste of that floral tasting blood. Many fall for his young face, but he holds no real affection to anyone who looks half as good as he does. In a way you can say he finds many humans boring and unappealing.

■ Mr. Yakumo

Makka na Freesia

This young man is fresh out of high school and is a mystery to all as to why he would like to be employed as a servant in a vampire’s mansion. From the other staff he is said to be very hard to read, and goes about thinking about things in an interesting way. He doesn’t really show much interest in things and is also said to be quite normal. Though he is quick to spring into action when he sees his master collapse on the ground. The poor human can be a bit dense however when it comes to vampires.

Makka na Freesia

Personally no other vampire themed BL story has caught my eye since the release of Blood Bank, but Makka na Freesia unexpectedly grabbed me in with the mystery of the two characters. This story makes you ache for the drama. Even though if you are not really a BL fan, I believe the mysteries alone will surely give you chills and make you stay!

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