"Fate" series will release new sequel novel Fate/Requiem in C95

Mr. Qoo
The Fate series is finally getting something new except for anything Fate/Grand Order related. Fate/Requiem Creator TYPE-MOON announced on Twitter earlier that a new light novel called Fate/Requiem (フェイト/レクイエム) will make its debut in Comiket95 (C95), the largest doujin event in Japan held from 29th December 2018 to 31st December 2018. The novel, written by TYPE-MOON's screenwriter Hoshizora Meteo  (星空めてお) and illustrated by NOCO, revolves around events that happen after the Holy Grail War. By that time Holy Grail is no longer an exclusive item. Everyone has a Holy Grail and everyone can summon a servant. One girl by the name of Erice is the only person who does not possess a Holy Grail, and her story begins when she stumbles upon the last servant summoned on earth. Fate/Requiem Only the first volume is up for sale in C95. More volumes are expected to come out later.

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