Meet Kazumi Noomi, the Taiwanese YouTuber that doesn’t fear anything!

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Tokyo, December 18, 2018 – Vanessa Pan, as known as Kazumi Noomi, is a famous Taiwanese cosplayer whose love for Japan make her come to Japan to fullfil her dream. Now she’s ready to show you her amazing life on YouTube!

Kazumi Noomi

YouTube Channel

Born in 1991 to a Taiwanese mother and a foreign father, she started cosplaying in 2002 and her love for Japan made her study in a Meiji Program in Meiji University while she was studying Foreign Studies at a University in China.

Her official first appearance as cosplayer was in an event held in Japan in 2011. After that, she has appeared in various movies, magazines, photobooks, Japanese and a lot of TV programs.

Kazumi Noomi

But she’s also an entrepreneur! In 2013, she opened an idol cafe in Taiwan, in 2014, she started to work as a producer for an idol theatre in Ueno where cosplayers around the world will performance there. In 2015 she worked as DJ, producer and MC.

Kazumi Noomi

Actually, she is focused on her career as model and cosplayer in events in Taiwan, America and Japan. 

In her channel, you can see her modeling, cosplaying in events but also doing gameplays of her favorite games.

She can speak six languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Russian and Korean.

If you have any challenge or any idea or contents you would like her to try, run to her channel and send a message through the comments section. 

■ YouTube Channel: Kazumi Noomi

If you are interested in fashion trends, travel, Japan and Taiwan you should check her channel!

YouTube Channel





■ Company Profile

Company name: Exys Inc.
President: Inatomi Masahiro
Address: 2-14-5 Akasaka, Daiwa Akasaka Building 3F, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Business Operations: Illustration, manga, game and movie production.

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