Apocalyptic Survival RPG Ares Virus Breaks Out on Android First at QooApp

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Published by HOLY MAGPIE DIGIT CO., LTD., Ares Virus is an apocalyptic survival ARPG that officially breaks out here on QooApp for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau players today (21st December). Players will be able to experience a post-apocalyptic world filled unique challenges in this new game.

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Ares Virus Preview

Ares Virus is developed by a four-man team over the span of a year and a half. Stepping away from using any famous IPs to boost the game, the developers focused purely on creating a game that is completely story and gameplay driven.

Since the project began, the game has already attracted the attention from being featured on the iOS App Store’s recommendations to gathering excited players who have been anticipating the game’s launch since the previous betas.


In Ares Virus, players play as Neil, a member of the S.O.T who has been ordered to retrieve antibodies and research reports from City H, a city under quarantine due to a catastrophic virus outbreak.

Throughout the game, players will be faced with difficult choices that test their morality as they slowly uncover the truth behind the Ares Virus Project and the outbreak. Burdened with difficult situations and tough decisions, what choices will you make in order to survive? What kind of person will your Neil become?

A unique experience of survival and risk from a brand new format

Unique Post-Apocalyptic Journey

At first glance, it may be hard to spot the grim post-apocalyptic theme of the game. The developers of Ares Virus opted for clean and simple strokes to create the pale solitude of a post-apocalyptic city. No effort had been spared in the details, players will be able to see the shadows of the trees swaying in the breeze when exploring the world of Ares Virus. If players are not careful, they may even accidentally step on fleeing insects.

For the combat system, Ares Virus revolves around a real-time two-wheel system. Players can charge their attacks while moving around. When entering battle, players have to be wary of enemies’ attack mechanics and behaviors. All enemies will have their own attack mechanics and their own behaviors, making the first encounter more deadly.

Like most survival games, players are not only threatened by enemies but also by hunger and thirst. When hunger reaches zero, the character will enter a weak state and their attack will also decrease. Additionally, there are many hidden clues and random events in every scene, so non-lethal penalties will allow players to pay more attention to their surroundings while exploring.

During the course of the game, players will be faced with countless choices, allowing themselves to take a hands-on or an apathetic and objective stance to the adventure. There are no right answers, everything is up to the player. An important thing to take note of is that these choices may alter the progress of the game as it goes. The open ending design of the game allows the story to follow players’ decisions and provides them with a different experience each and every time!

Rinse and Repeat

When players decide to start a new game, 100% of their coins (premium currency) will be kept and the coins used in the previous game will refunded. Purchases such as Bag Capacity, Max HP, and Drawing etc. that players bought from the store will also be kept. So what are you waiting for?! Join in on the fun today!

A special Ares Virus launch event will be coming soon to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The event will offer prizes including large mouse pads, key rings, puzzles, and other peripheral goods. For more information, keep a watchful eye on the official site.

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