Turn-Based Naval Battle Game Project NOAH Releases New 30s TVCM

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Earlier this year, FLEET launched the pre-registration for a new mobile game titled Project NOAH. Today (21st December), a 30-second TVCM was released for the game. Despite being only 30 seconds, the new TVCM reveals gameplay footage of the game.

Project NOAH


World Setting

Project NOAH is set on a planet named NOAH where the land has been swallowed by the sea. Due to this, the human has created an AI system called “Emzara” (エムザラ) to execute a project to build massive arks called “Second Cradle” (セカンドクレイドル) to migrate the human race.

12 arks are required to execute the project, and each ark can only be controlled by “Admirals” (アドミラル), individuals with special abilities.

Opinions on the migration project are split into three factions. The first believes that all should be migrated, the second believes that only the chosen can be migrated, and lastly the Doomsday faction that believes that mankind should perish with the seas.

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