Devil May Cry Live-Action Stage Adaptation Key Visual Revealed!

Mr. Qoo

The live-action stage adaptation for Capcom’s Devil May Cry series has revealed the first key visual showing Ryouma Baba as Dante and K-Pop group SUpernoba’s Kwangsoo as the human form of Gideon.

The live-action stage adaptation is written and directed by Jun Yoriko, who also worked on the stage adaptation of other Capcom titles including Biohazard (Resident Evil.

Characters & Cast

■ Dante – Ryouma Baba

■ Gideon – Kwangsoo (Supernova)

Gideon is a man-eating demon with a human appearance. He is a famous rock star in the world of men.

■ Noah – Tomoya Warabino

Noah is a policeman of Rahimana, a fictional country based on Egypt. In the live-action stage adaptation, Noah works together with Dante to solve the case. He is an exceptional marksman who may even be a better shot than Dante.

■ Luke – Takuma Sueno

A human Demon Hunter of Rahimana. Lives together with his brother.

■ Liam – Lee Se-young (CROSS GENE)

Luke’s Younger Brother

■ Lyra (ライラ) – Naomi Majima

Message from Dante & Gideon

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