Sound! Euphonium: The Movie Official Trailer Released

Mr. Qoo

Today (28th December), Kyoto Animation’s official YouTube Channel released the official trailer for the Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Chakai no Finale (劇場版 響け!ユーフォニアム~誓いのフィナーレ~) which is set for release in Japan on 19th April 2019.

sound euphonium

In the movie, the protagonist Kumiko Omae is already a second-year student in Kitauji high school. The story will revolve around how Kumiko works hard along with the “junior members” at the school’s concert band club.





Official Trailer

About the Series

Sound! Euphonium is originally a novel series by Ayano Takeda (武田綾乃). The story takes place in Kitauji high school, where a group of high school girls in the school band club strive to win the qualifying tournament while facing troubles like disputes and romance. The novel has already got two seasons of anime adaption.

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