KanColle Anime Season II Confirmed!

Mr. Qoo

Today (4th January), at the KanColle JAZZ Fes 2019 held at Nippon Budokan, KanColle announced the second season of the game’s anime adaptation!

kancolle season 2

The second season will be produced by studio ENGI (株式会社ENGI) and will revolve around Shigure (時雨). Asides from the announcement at the event, there have been no further announcements on the official website and the official Twitter. Following the announcement, several KanColle Season II related hashtags started trending on Twitter including “#艦これアニメ2期”, “#艦これ2期”, and “#西村艦隊”.

Stay tuned to QooApp for further announcements on KanColle Season II

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