10 Count Mobile Puzzle Game Now Available for Download

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Following the release of the previous 10 Count: Another Days which was exclusively available on Ameba’s mobile site, Rihito Takarai’s (宝井理人) BL Manga, 10 Count, has released the mobile puzzle game titled 10 Count: react (テンカウント for App react)!

10 Count: react is a mobile puzzle game where players have to create three-in-a-row chains using the adorable character icons. Players will be able to recap the story through clearing stages and collecting cards from the gacha. The game will feature exclusive illustrations for players to obtain.

10 count


About the Series

10 Count is a Rihito Takarai’s BL manga series which was serialized in Dear+ in 2013. The manga finished in late 2017. The story revolves around Tadaomi Shirotani who suffers from Mysophobia and a psychological trauma which he got as a child. Shirotani meets Riku Kurose, a psychologist who decides to help him overcome his trauma and phobia by listing out ten goals for Shirotani to achieve. Their relationship quickly grows into something more intimate.

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