Bandai Namco Releases New Jump Force Pre-Order Bonus Trailers

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Bandai Namco has released three new trailers for the highly anticipated Jump console brawl game, Jump Force! The new trailer features the pre-order bonuses players will receive for pre-ordering the game!

Jump Force

Players who pre-order for the game will receive the Fourth Hokage Mantle, the Pirate Coat, the Frieza Army Battle Armor, and the Frieza’s Pod vehicle.

About the Game

Jump Force is an upcoming fighting game featuring iconic characters of Weekly Shonen Jump. The game is made using Unreal Engine 4 and players will be able to match their favorite Jump character against each other in iconic scenes from the Jump series as well as real-life locations including Time Square in NYC! Jump Force has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is expected to launch in 2019.

Pre-order Bonus Trailers

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