#WHEN Poll: Sasuga Ainz-sama!

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Master, it's Elly again! Last time we asked you which games you wanted first in 2019 in the #WHEN hashtag. Now the result is out! Among the 1354 masters who voted, 31.46% chose Mass for the Dead. What can I say - Sasuga Ainz-sama! In fact, the game is said to be coming in early 2019. So we don’t have to wait too long! 17.13% chose Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure. This game had kept everyone waiting with its long maintenance, but now the server is finally open! 12.85% voted for Attack on Titan: Tactics - but no one is sure when it’s coming out. You can apply for the close beta though. It should happen within this year! Uma Musume has been delayed several times...will it really come out in 2019? I guess many have lost patience, which is why it only got 12.26% of vote. Vanguard was set to come out in Winter 2018, then rescheduled for release in Spring 2019, and recently it announced another delay. But 7% of you haven’t given up on it and are still having hope! The Masters who chose others named some really good titles. Now we are having a hashtag on anime #REMAKE. Go ahead and choose the 80s/90s anime that you want a remake!
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