New Hot Spring Special Heroes Revealed for FEH

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Nintendo has released a new heroes trailer for their mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), revealing new “Hostile Springs” Special Heroes!


The new special heroes will bring four variations of existing Fire Emblem characters with a Japanese hot spring theme design. The new heroes include Samurai at Ease – Ryoma, Hot-Spring Healer – Sakura, Bubbling Flower – Elise, and Relaxed Warrior – Hinoka.

Special Heroes + Skills

■ Samurai at Ease – Ryoma

■ Hot-Spring Healer – Sakura

■ Bubbling Flower – Elise

■ Relaxed Warrior – Hinoka

The new heroes will be available in game from 23rd January 2019 07:00 UTC until 23rd February 2019 06:59 UTC (22nd Jan 23:00 PT – 22nd Feb 22:59 PT) alongside a new Paralogue Story, “Hostile SPrings”.

Hostile Springs Trailer

■ EN

■ JP

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