Kengan Ashura Anime Voice Casts Revealed

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Back in December 2018, the anime adaptation of Yabako Sandrovich’s Kengan Ashura manga series was announced. Following the announcement, the first PV for the anime series was released and now, a new trailer has been released revealing the voice cast.

Since the Edo period, there have been gladiator arenas in certain areas of Japan. In these arenas, wealthy merchants and businessmen will hire gladiators to fight in unarmed battles. Kengan Ashura is about Tokita Ohma, a.k.a The Asura, a fighter who fights the Nogi group of the Kengan Association.

The new voice cast reveal trailer features of 70 names including:

鈴木達央, チョー, 中田譲治,  内山夕実,  金子隼人, 稲田徹, 榎木淳弥, 浪川大輔, 阿座上洋平、天田益男、石井康嗣、石田彰、一条和矢、浦山迅、大塚明夫、緒方恵美、斧アツシ、小野大輔、加瀬康之、加藤将之、金尾哲夫、金澤まい、亀岡孝洋、川本宗幸、楠大典、楠見尚己、黒沢ともよ、桑谷夏子、玄田哲章、小市眞琴、小西克幸、小林操、小林ゆう、五味洸一、小山力也、櫻井孝宏、佐々木省三、沢城千春、柴田秀勝、下妻由幸、塾一久、白熊寛嗣、鈴木美園、高橋伸也、高橋良輔、竹内栄治、竹内良太、立木文彦、千葉繁、津田健次郎、徳本英一郎、豊崎愛生、蓮岳大、蓮池龍三、日高里菜、檜山修之、平川大輔、平田真菜、広瀬裕也、藤原啓治、渕上舞、保志総一朗、星野貴紀、星野佑典、堀井茶渡、前川涼子、マシューまさるバロン、増谷康紀、松岡禎丞、松風雅也、松田健一郎、松本大、真殿光昭、水島大宙、水中雅章、三宅健太、村瀬克輝、柳沢栄治、山本兼平、ゆかな、遊佐浩二、吉田真澄

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