Guild Wars Officially Launched in Epic Seven and 2 New ML Heroes!

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The update we’ve all been waiting for is here! Guild Wars now officially released alongside new Moonlight Heroes Specimen Sez and Kitty Clarissa! Additional changes include Hunt 11 and more! Read all about it in the official press release below

<<Official Epic Seven Press Release>>

On January 31 Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, officially released its new Guild War content alongside two new Moonlight heroes, the Mystic Summon system, and various other content.

Each Guild can have up to 25 members participate in a Guild War at a time, with the objective of destroying the enemy’s Stronghold. Players who participate in the war have a chance to be rewarded with Mystic Medals, which may be used to obtain the latest Moonlight Heroes for a certain period of time in the new Mystic Summon system, where they will be joined in the summon pool by select other Heroes and Artifacts.

The first Moonlight Heroes to be available through Mystic Summon will be Specimen Sez and Kitty Clarissa, who will be added in the Guild War update alongside Mascot Hazel, the long-awaited Specialty Change for Hazel complete with new skills and animations.

The new content does not end here, as those who have cleared all Stages of the Hunt dungeons may now take on Stage 11–an exciting new challenge with different attacking patterns for ‘Golem’, ‘Wyvern’, and ‘Banshee.’ Furthermore, all Stages will now yield Rings and Necklaces among the possible rewards.

Along with the new content, Smilegate will also be holding a Check-In Event to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Players will receive Gold, Skill Enhancement materials, and a 4-5 Star Hero Summon Ticket among other rewards simply by logging in between January 31 and February 14.

Smilegate Megaport’s Business General Manager Sang-Hoon Lee commented, “We were able to release our new official update quickly thanks to overwhelming support from our players during the Stay Updated event. This new real-time PvP content will add exciting new dynamics and gameplay possibilities for our players, and we plan to continue expanding and improving our content for a long time through consistent updates.”

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