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So you’re mentally prepared for OVERLORD MASS FOR THE DEAD and you’re dying to get started? Here is QooApp’s guide to give you the basics of navigating through the game! The game will be available for download tomorrow (21st February)!

During the initial tutorial stage, players will be given different dialogue options. Don’t worry if you don’t understand them, these don’t alter anything in the actual game, they simply serve as triggers to determine how players interact with Momonga in the tutorial phase. If you’re wondering, the final three options in the unskippable dialogue determine which Pleiades you summon first in the dialogue.

Players will also summon their first character in the tutorial phase right after the combat tutorial, however, this summon guarantees that players will receive a two-star mage. Since it’s fixed, you don’t really need to pay any attention to it.

Once the game finishes loading after the initial tutorial, grab the 610 Chaos Stones from your inbox and proceed to your first 10x summon. The summoning system in Mass for the Dead works similar FGO (but with better rates…). Each pool will feature characters and artifacts (equipable chards to strengthen characters). Rates for Chaos Summons below (varies depending on event pools). Character Tier List coming soon!

L: Character R: Artifacts
0.235% for Five Star Characters (Excluding Momonga 0.118%)

Navigating the UI

Mass for the Dead is currently only available in Japanese, so to help players who can’t read Japanese, here’s a quick UI navigation guide to help you locate the basic things you need to play the game!

■ Home Screen

From the home screen, players will be able to access most of the basic features of the game. It is worth noting that you can swipe around the home screen to look left and right. To the left, there will be the Daily Pleiades which is a store that refreshes its items daily. On the right, players will be able to gather Chaos Seeds (random items) at 04:00, 12:00, and 20:00 JST from under the Tree of Chaos.

■ Character

■ Setting

■ Missions

Daily Missions: [refreshes daily at 23:59JST]

– Clear Quests x3
– Collect Chaos Seeds x1
– Strengthen Artifact x1
– Clear All Daily Missions

Weekly Quest [refreshes every Sunday 23:59JST]

– Strengthen Artifact x7
– Clear Strengthen Quest x3
– Clear Daily Dungeon x3
– Participate in Multiplayer x3
– Collect Chaos Seeds x10
– Purchase from Daily Pleiades
– Summon x1
– Clear Daily Quests x7


Mass for the Dead features a turn-based combat system. Each player will have their three skills, three basic actions (attack, evade, defend), and one special move. The special move is located right under the character’s HP and MP bar. Skills are displayed next to the MP bar and the basic actions are shown just below skills. The big flashy attack but is a quick way to set all your characters to use the basic attack action.

Typical in most mobile games, Mass for the Dead also has its own rock-paper-scissors element system. To create a strong team to clear strengthen quests and daily quests, players will have to put enemies’ elements and their character skills into consideration.

Bind Account

▲Save Data

Once you’re happy with your summons and you’re ready to dive into the game, you can bind your game account to your Google Play account. Alternatively, set and save your account ID and Password. To transfer your account, simply follow the picture guides below!

▲Tap the method you used. Top: Account ID + PW Bottom: Google Play

Stay tuned to QooApp for more future content and guides for OVERLORD MASS FOR THE DEAD!

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