New Mobile Roguelike RPG Houraku no Carneades

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CoCoRond has launched the pre-registration of their new mobile card-based roguelike RPG in development Horaku no Carneades (崩落のCARNEADES).

No information on the game’s gameplay and world setting have been revealed as of this moment, but the official website cites the character designer being “フライ“, the artist behind the characters of “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara”. Kenji Ito a.k.a Itoken (伊藤賢治) has been announced as the game’s composer!

Character Designed by フライ

■ Chiharu (チハル)

■ Kaede (カエデ)

■ Asaha (アサハ)

Pre-Registration Rewards

5,000: 250 Gems (Gacha x1)
10,000: 500 Gems (Gacha x2)
20,000: 750 Gems (Gacha x3)
30,000: 1,000 Gems (Gacha x4)
40,000: 1,250 Gems (Gacha x 5)
50,000: 1,500 Gems (Gacha x6)
75,000: 2,000 Gems (Gacha x8)
100,000: 2,500 Gems (Gacha x10)

Official Site

Official Twitter

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