New Pokemon RPG Sword & Shield Revealed for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has just broadcasted the 27th February Pokemon Direct Live-Stream revealing a brand new Pokemon Journey for Nintendo Switch! The new Pokemon RPG series will be titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and is expected for late 2019.

pokemon sword shield

In the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that the new games will be the latest titles to the world-renowned Pokemon RPG series. Players will be able to explore the brand new Galar Region and meet new never-seen-before pokemon as they take on a new adventure. From the footage revealed, players will also be able to encounter and catch existing Pokemon from previous titles of the series.

Starter Pokemon

Like previous Pokemon RPG games, trainers will choose one of the three newly announced starter Pokemon Scorbunny (Fire), Grookey (Leaf), and Sobble (Water)

Scorbunny is a rabbit pokemon that is always bursting about, filled with energy.

Grookey is a mischevious chimp pokemon filled with curiosity.

Sobble is a timid water-type lizard that shoots water and is able to hide within the water.

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