LINE's New Game Disney Toy Company Pre-Registration Begins

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Today (4th March), LINE launched the pre-registration campaign for their latest mobile Disney game, LINE: Disney Toy Company.

The new game is a mobile brain tease which combines the addictive gameplay of 2048 with iconic Disney characters. Like LINE’s previous Disney mobile game, TSUM TSUM, each Disney character will have their own unique skill that will help players achieve greater scores.

The official release date has yet to be revealed, but the game is expected for Spring 2019.

Pre-Registration Rewards

As of this moment, LINE has revealed pre-registration rewards up to the 200,000 milestone.

10,000: 5,000 Coin
30,000: 10,000 Coin
50,000: Level Ticket x1
100,000: Item Ticket Set x1
150,000: Premium Gacha Ticket x1
200,000: Minnie x1

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