Liberators Meet Devil Hunter! Dx2 SMT Liberation x Devil May Cry 5 Collaboration Confirmed

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Sega Games has announced that their mobile location-based Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) game, Dx2 SMT Liberation (Japanese version & Chinese version) will be collaborating with Capcom’s latest Devil May Cry (DMC) title, Devil May Cry 5!

The collaboration will launch on 14th March. In the upcoming collaboration, the series’ iconic devil hunter Dante will appear in Dx2 SMT Liberation alongside the young devil hunter Nero and the mysterious “V”.

To celebrate the upcoming collaboration, on the Official Japanese twitter account for the game, a special retweet campaign is taking place. Retweeting the special collaboration post will reward players with rewards when the event launches on the 14th. The retweet campaign will run until 13th March 23:59 JST.

5,000 Retweets: Dante 4★
6,000 Retweets: Muscle Drink x5
7,500 Retweets: Summon Ticket x3
10,000 Retweets: Ultimate Summon Ticket x1

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