AIDIS' Last Cloudia Release Date Confirmed

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Yesterday (5th March), AIDIS Inc. announced that their mobile title Last Cloudia will be released on 15th April for iOS/Android.


The game is set in a world where humans and monsters live side-by-side. The world was once ruled by the evil god “ログシウス” who was sealed away by the hero “アデル” and the goddess “リラハ”.

After several centuries the heroes descendants unified the world, creating the Kingdom of Alterna (オルダーナ帝國).

In the era of peace, mysterious demon assaults have been reported and “カイル” a knight of the twelveth knight order and the magical best “レイ一” sets off on a world-changing mission.


Last Cloudia will feature a semi-real-time combat system. Players will be able to control their characters in a 3D environment during combat and unleash different spells and skills to help turn the tides of battle.

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