Granblue Fantasy Season II Premiers in Oct. 2019

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Just before the weekends, on 9th March, the official Twitter for the anime adaptation of Cygames fantasy RPG, Granblue Fantasy, announced that the second season of the anime series will premiere in October this year. A key visual for the upcoming season was also revealed.

The second season of the anime adaptation will follow the new adventures of Gran, who is now older, and Lyria, the girl who fell from the skies.

The newly released key visual features the tagline “Once again, to the vast blue skies…”

About the Series

Granblue Fantasy is a mobile fantasy RPG created by Cygames. The game was first released in March 2014. The story revolves around Gran, a boy who lives on Zikenstill, an island with many mysteries. One fateful day, Gran’s fate crosses paths with Lyria, a girl who escaped from the Erste Empire. In order to escape the empire’s grasps, Gran and Lyria head out towards the vast skies, following a letter Gran’s father left behind which reads “I will be waiting at Estalucia, Island of Stars.”

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