Disgaea RPG Now Available for Download

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Today (19th March), ForwardWorks launched Disgaea RPG, the first-ever Disgaea mobile title! However, due to the massive surge of players, the game is currently under emergency maintenance until further notice.

In the game, players have been chosen to raise the strongest demon lord. Players will be able to choose one of the main characters from the previous titles to start off with.


Disgaea RPG will feature its own unique story. For the first time in the Disgaea series, a “Disgaea Recap” feature will be added allowing players to recount events from the previous titled.

Combat System

The greatest difference between the combat system in the new Disgaea RPG and the previous Disgaea titles is that the new game will use feature a semi-command-based combat system. President of Nippon Ichi Software explained in the live-stream that this change was to optimize the experience for mobile players.

Additionally, the series iconic massive damage numbers will also be featured in the game!

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