Ares Virus New Ending Update Released

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Since the release of Ares Virus at the end of 2018, the apocalyptic-survival game has reached over 600,000 downloads since Feb 2019! Due to popular demands from players, Ares Virus released the game’s final chapter on March 15th, featuring new scenes, resources and the ending to the compelling story of the game.


New Scenes

1. Village

The door on 4F in the Research Institute can be opened and will lead back to the Village. Players could accept “Circulation Quest” there and get z coins to purchase 3-Star/4-Star equipment. Bullet exchange is now available in the village as well.

Additionally, the development team has added new Easter eggs in the area like the Spider Nest on the top-right corner of the Village.

2. Locust Camp

Locust Camp has finally been unlocked! Following the new update, players will get the chance to fight against the doomsday army at last. The new zone has been designed so that players will have the option between sneaking in quietly or to fight their way through.

Locust Camp Final Boss Stats

– ATK:120
– HP:30000
– Attack Model I:Straight Shooting
– Attack Model II:Strafe Right
– Attack Model III:Call Out Locust Guard

New Resources

New resources, will be presented in the village: full set of 3 stars and 4 stars gears can be bought using Z coins. Players can also earn Z coins by accepting Z coin bonus circular quest at the entrance of the village.

New Ending

With the release of the Locust Camp area, players will be able to fulfill their promises with Ben and his sister, Nick, and Lynn. Rescue or abandon, choose your own destination and you could unlock a new ending of Ares Virus.

You have a mission, but you also have promises to keep. Remember Ben and Hurley? The orphan brother and sister captured by Locust. The veteran, who begged you to save his son Nick, the kind guy hurt because of you. Finally, Lynn, the beautiful and tough lady who put herself into danger just for a gun she promised to you. Are you still carrying the gun she hid under the bed? All these people, they are still suffering in Locust camp. You can choose to abandon them, or fight your way to Locust Camp and save them. Update Ares Virus and choose your own ending.

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