Disney Twisted Wonderland World Setting & Characters Revealed

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Today (23rd March), during their stage special at AnimeJapan 2019 (AJ2019), Disney’s previously announced “Disney Twisted wonderland” revealed the game’s World setting as well as the first batch of characters that players will meet in the game.

There are still no information on the game’s gameplay and release date but it is revealed that the game will be set in an alternative world with “twisted” versions of Disney’s titles.

disney twisted wonderland

World Setting

In Disney Twisted wonderland, players play as a protagonist who is summoned to an alternative “twisted wonderland” via a magical mirror.

Arriving at the prestigious mage Academy “ナイトイレブンカレッジ”, the player is placed under the protection of the masked headmaster and begins looking for ways to return to their original world.

However, will they be able to survive in a school filled with rich problem children? What is the secret behind the students with the spirit of villains?


disney twisted wonderland▲Twisted from Alice in the Wonderland
▲ Riddle Rose Heart – Inspired by Queen of Hearts

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