Goblin Slayer New Episode "Goblin's Crown" Announced at AnimeJapan 2019

Mr. Qoo

On 23rd March, during the Goblin Slayer AnimeJapan 2019 Stage Special, an all-new “episode” titled Goblin’s Crown was announced! The new episode will be in cinemas in Japan.

Not much has been revealed about the new episode, but more information is set to be revealed in May during the “GUILD PARTY 2019” event.

The main staff and voice actors behind the first season will be returning to their respective roles for the new episode.

Announcement Video

About the Series

Goblin Slayer is originally a manga series by Kumo Kagyu (蝸牛くも). The plot follows a silver-ranked adventurer who rises to the top solely by killing Goblins which feast on humans and rape women. He is then commonly called the Goblin Slayer. The manga is controversial in that it contains explicit gore scenes and sexual depictions.

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