Say Goodbye to Unwanted Supply Drops with the New Negatron Supply Simulator!

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miHoYo has *announced* a new simulator to increase your odds of getting better loot when opening supplies in Honkai Impact 3!

<<Official Honkai Impact Press Release>>

miHoYo is proudly introducing Negatron Supply Simulator, a game-changing invention developed by our CTO and Ai-chan, director of the Schicksal HQ Tech Lab. This creation is sure to free Captains of any unwanted Supply drops and bring their Supply experience to absolute perfection!

Official survey data gathered in late 2018 revealed that less than 25% Captains were happy with their Supply results. For a better game experience, miHoYo has been hard at work, delivering transparent Supply drop rates, Supply schedule preview, battlesuit, equipment drop guarantees, and much much more.

Today, we’re ushering in a new era of Supply experience, marked by the birth of Negatron Supply Simulator.

Drawing on our big data research, this product was developed with impeccable Supply logic algorithms. After many rounds of adjustments and optimizations, the product can now efficiently tell high-value Supply drops from low-value ones. And with the help of Bluetooth connectivity, it removes tons of low-value Supply drops out of the Supply pool through electronic signals. The ultimate dream of becoming a have-it-all Captain has never been closer.

However, as the product is still in the trial stage, it may cause undesired side effects when used. But please rest assured. A thorough and authoritative test has confirmed that the side effects are non-lethal, so there is nothing to worry about.

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