Most Handsome Gorilla Shabani Get's a Mobile Game?!

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Renowned otome game creators CYBIRD announced the world’s first-ever otome dating sim with gorillas, Ikemen Gorilla ~ Koisuru Drumming. Pre-registration for this new *game* has also been launched.

美男大猩猩 戀愛的胸膛鼓擊

In Ikemen Gorilla, players will be able to start a romantic love story with Japan’s infamous “most handsome gorilla” Shabani.

美男大猩猩 戀愛的胸膛鼓擊

Every day, a new scenario will be unlocked depending on the player’s choices in-game. Additionally, the game is the first-ever to fully use gorilla noises!

美男大猩猩 戀愛的胸膛鼓擊


Pre-Registration Rewards

美男大猩猩 戀愛的胸膛鼓擊

10,000: One year worth of Banana (8 per day) (10 Players only)
100,000: Shabani POlaroid (3 players only)
1,000,000: Shabani Group Tour Ticket for All

Collaboration with Ikemen Series

美男大猩猩 戀愛的胸膛鼓擊

All jokes aside, CYBRID revealed that Shabani will make an appearance in all 10 titles of the Ikemen series as a miniature doll that players can equip on their avatar.

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