New Mobile RPG ARCA LAST Pre-Registration Begins

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Fuji Games has launched the pre-registration campaign for their latest mobile RPG title ARCA LAST (アルカ・ラスト 終わる世界と歌姫の果実).

ARCA LAST is a mobile RPG project back by some of the core staff of the Suikoden RPG series. Junko Kawano who worked on the original Suikoden and Suikoden IV will be working on the game’s story and character designs. Illustrations will be handled by Komuta Osamu, the director of Suikoden Tierkreis. Koshiro Yuzo will compose the combat BGM whilst the scenario BGM will be composed by Takeshi Yanagawa. The game’s script will be written by Takumi Miyajima.

The game revolves around seven different protagonists. Each protagonist has been summoned to a different world to defeat the destroyer. Through defeating the destroyers and rebuilding the different worlds, players will be able to unravel the story behind each world and how they relate to one other.

ARCA LAST 終結世界與歌姬的果實

ARCA LAST 終結世界與歌姬的果實

Pre-Registration Rewards:

ARCA LAST 終結世界與歌姬的果實

10,000: 300 Beryl (Gacha x2)
30,000: 600 Beryl (Gacha x4)
50,000: 900 Beryl (Gacha x6)
70,000: 1,200 Beryl (Gacha x8)
100,000: 1,500 Beryl (Gacha x10)

ARCA LAST 終結世界與歌姬的果實

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