Shining Nikki: How to Bind Account

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Shining Nikki, Paper Games’ successor to their signature mobile title, Miracle Nikki, is now available for download.

Much like Miracle Nikki, players will be able to dress up Nikki in different outfits. The new game features 3D graphics for Nikki and delicate illustrations for the main scenario.

Bind Account

Before you start the game, a pop-up window will be prompted explaining the permission the game requires. At the first launch, players will be given three options.

1. Guest Login

Start the game without binding an account.

2. Facebook Login

Login via Facebook. This automatically binds your Shining Nikki account to your Facebook account.

3. Email Login (Paper Games Account)

Email login requires players to have an existing Paper Games account. IF you don’t have one, you can create one following the steps below.

▲Tap Register Account
▲Fill in details, tick the highlighted option then register

Already Started as Guest?

For those of you who have already started playing under a guest account, you can bind your account by tapping your profile on the top left corner (1)  then select the highlighted option shown in the second image.

▲Top Left of Main Screen
▲Button on the Right
▲Select Either Email or Facebook

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