FGO Celebrates 16 Million Downloads!

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Today (10th April), FGO Project announced that the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order (FGO) has reached 16 million downloads!

In celebration of this milestone, starting tomorrow (11th April), a special seven-day login reward will begin. Players will be able to receive all sorts of lucrative rewards including 10x summon tickets on the seventh day!

Seven-Day Login Rewards

Event Duration: 11th April 02:00 JST ~ 18th April 01:59 JST

Day 1: Silver Fruit x10
Day 2: Fire of Widom – ALL 4★ (SR) x10
Day 3: Golden Fruit x10
Day 4: 10 Million QP
Day 5: Hero Crystal: Star Fou ALL 3★ (HP) x10
Day 6: Hero Crystal Sun Fou All 3★ (ATK) x10
Day 7: Summon Tickets x10

Mysterious Heroine X (alter) Pick Up

Additionally, from now until 24th April, a special pick up pool for Mysterious Heroine X (alter) will be available. Every two days, the pool will have different characters asides from Mysterious Heroine X (alter) on pick up.

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More details can be found on FGO’s official website.

Official Site

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