DMM Launches Pre-Registration for Guns of Soul2!

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Today (15th April), DMM GAMES’ launched the pre-registration for their mobile 3D shooting game, Guns of Soul2 (GOS2 – ガンズオブソウルツー).

The game features simple one-handed controls. Players will be able to shoot through the PvE content of the game for an innovative shooting RPG experience and challenge other players in the game’s PvP.


The game is set in the distant future. The world is on the verge of destruction due to a hidden alien influence. Generations have passed since the alien invasion was discovered, the military has created a special anti-alien organization, developing the Combat AI valkyries known as Sigrun, that analyzes past alien data to give soldiers the most effective solutions and suggestions in combat. The new development greatly mankind’s combat abilities, turning the tides of war.

One day, during a mission, new recruits Toa and Holland encountered a new type of alien with the power to annihilate mankind. The new type of alien was later named Armored-type. The two was fortunate enough to survive their first encounter, but in doing so they abandoned their comrades. As punishment, they were demoted to the lowest military squadron.

New units are given a Sigurn and a small spaceship. In these dire situations, will each squadron be able to survive without casualties? The days of endless combat are about to begin.

Pre-Registration Rewards

All players will receive 10 billion gold as well as additional rewards worth up to 6,600 JPY!

5,000 pre-registered: Diamonds x150 (Gacha Summons x1)
10,000 pre-registered: Diamonds x600 (Gacha Summons x4)
20,000 pre-registered: Diamonds x1050 (Gacha Summons x7)
30,000 pre-registered: Diamonds x 1500 (Gacha Summons x10) + Secret Bonus

GOS2 Concept Trailer

Official Site

Official Twitter

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