Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits Closed Beta Begins!

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The highly anticipated SEA version of Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits launches their closed beta today! Although all data will be reset after the CBT, if you reach level 30 and bind you CBT account, you will receive special gifts during the open beta! Read more about the CBT in the official press release below.

<<Official Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits Press Release>>

Saint Seiya’s fans can prepare to release the power because there will be an officially licensed mobile game titled Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits! To top it all off,  the game will have a CBT during 18 – 25 April. Keep reading to find out more!

The game will have an ARPG style gameplay. Players will be able to create teams of up to 5 characters to fight at the same time. Players can choose difference characters, depending on their abilities and their opponents of each stage. Although the graphics are 2D, when the characters use their skills, 3D graphics will be shown, showing off the best sides to your favorite Saint Seiya characters! The followers of St. Seiya have a finite course.

Officially Licensed from TOEI ANIMATION CO.,LTD and Masami Kuramada-sensei

The game is officially licensed from TOEI ANIMATION CO.,LTD and has been approved by Masami Kuramada-sensei, the creator of Saint Seiya. So, of course, the game is full of content, from characters and authentic voice-overs. Fans of the series will be able to revisit the original story of the manga from the game! Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite characters in action?

Cool Ultimate Style

One of the highlights that is bound to impress fans are the animations of each character’s unique skills that will be presented in full 3D format, making player’s feel the impact of each skill every time it is used!

Gorgeous Character Design

Character design is another highlight that must be mentioned. The game keeps every detail from the original manga references to fully re-create all the iconic characters from the Saint Seiya series in full.

For those who are wondering what the benefits will the CBT provide, you will be pleased to know that the participating in the CBT will grant you a variety of different gifts! Although all data will be wiped after the CBT, if you join the CBT and reach level 30++ in the closed beta, you will be able to receive multiple gifts in the Open Beta if you link your account.

Gifts include:
– Diamond draw-card ticket x10
– Ruin Stone x1
– Gold coins x100,000
– Diamonds x200

There will also be special privileges for those who play CBT!

• All diamonds will be refilled twice as fast during the CBT. During the OBT, CBT players will retain their VIP status
• Receive a special gift when playing specified levels during the CBT.
• Receive lucrative daily log-in rewards
• Up to 33% discount
• If randomly assigned, there is a bonus to be rearranged, so heavy!

For Saint Seiya fans who want to re-explore the story of the series and watch their favorite characters animated with their iconic special skills in shocking full 3D, join us in the CBT from 18 -25 April.

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