Sega's Kotodaman x EVANGELION Collaboration Kicks Off!

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Today (24th April), Sega’s Kotodaman launches their collaboration with the iconic EVANGELION series!

The collaboration will start today at 16:00 JST and run until 16th May 15:59 JST. During the collaboration period, all players will receive a collaboration login present of 5★ Evangelion Unit 01 which can be promoted to 6★.

Additionally, players will have a chance to obtain other collaboration characters through the collaboration gacha and from clearing the collaboration stages.

Collaboration Characters

▲ Shinji

▲ Rei
▲ Asuka
▲ Mari
▲ Kaworu
▲ Misato & Ritsuko
▲ Evangelion Unit 00
▲ Evangelion Unit 02
▲ Evangelion Unit 13
▲ Evangelion Unit 08

Collaboration PV

Collaboration Site

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