Voltage's New Otome SF Mobile Game HIGH-SPEC Launches

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Voltage Inc. has released a new otome SF Mobile Game, HIGH-SPEC, centering the story of young warriors with superpowers on 28th April.


The game is set at the near future of Tokyo where the threat of mysterious monsters ‘Brigand’ (ブリガン) put residents live under fear. A group of young warriors with special ability rises and forms a special force to fight against the monster.

The protagonist, Ichika Tenma, is a gifted young man with a laid-back and peace-loving personality. He has to work together with his teammates in the force and unveils the secret behind the monsters.

Players can get story ticket every day to proceed with the story. As players select different options in the story, the ending will be different. Players can also be friends with different characters and form their own teams in order to battle against other players, or joining other players to fight the big boss.




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