The Third Bungo Stray Dogs on Stage Reveals New Visuals

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The Third official Bungo Stray Dogs stage play (文豪ストレイドッグス 三社鼎立) recently releases new visuals and character photo shots of its 32 cast members and 8 members of the musical ensemble.

The play will center around the conflict between three superpower organizations- the ‘Armed Detective Agency’, ‘Port Mafia’ and ‘The Guild’. A huge supernatural power battle is expected to showcase on stage in June in Iwate, Fukuoka, Aichi, and Osaka, and in July in Tokyo.

The play is directed by Norihito Nakayashiki, and written by Chūji Mikasano, who is the scriptwriter of Tokyo Ghoul anime.


The cast includes:
Yūki Torigoe as Atsushi Nakajima (returning)
Hideya Tawada as Osamu Dazai (returning)
Shūhei Izumi as Yukichi Fukuzawa
Shōhei Hashimoto as Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (returning)
Keisuke Ueda as Chūya Nakahara (returning)
Akira Kubodera as Ōgai Mori (returning)
Elizabeth Marry as L.M. Montgomery
Bishin Kawasumi as John Steinbeck
Yūki Kimisawa as F. Scott Fitzgerald

About Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス) is a Japanese manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa, which has been serialized in the magazine Young Ace since 2012. An anime television series adaptation by Bones aired in 2016 in two seasons and a third season premiered on 12th April. The manga also inspired a smartphone game that launched in December 2017.

The story centers on individuals who are gifted with supernatural powers and use them for different purposes including holding a business, solving mysteries, and carrying out missions assigned by the mafia. The story mainly follows the members of the “Armed Detective Agency” and their everyday lives.

Most of the characters are named after famous literary authors with superpowers that inspired by the author’s work. For example, the character Osamu Dazai is named after the Japanese fiction writer. He has the superpowers ‘No Longer Human’ to cancel other people’s ability, which is inspired by Dazai’s renowned novel.

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