Chinese Novel Tales of Demons and Gods Mobile Game Pre-Registration Ongoing

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On April 25th, the pre-registration campaign for the mobile game adaptation of the renowned Chinese novel, Tales of Demons and Gods (妖神记), was launched!

The upcoming game adaptation will be based on the character designs of the series’ ongoing manhua adaptation. The game will include the events from the first volume of the manhua as well as the events of the upcoming second volume of the manhua.





The gameplay will be similar to most mobile gacha games. Players will be able to collect their favorite characters from the series including the protagonist Nie Li (聂离), Xiao Ning’er (肖凝儿), Ye Ziyun (叶紫芸), Ye Xiu (叶修), and more!


Players will be able to further enhance their characters with different runes to improve their stats.

Pre-Registration Details

The official pre-registration website has revealed pre-registration milestones and rewards including Stamina recharge items, Crystals, Premium Summons, Profile Portraits & Frames, and even the SSR character Xiao Yu (萧语).

Pre-registration requires a Hong Kong/ Taiwan/Macau mobile phone number.

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