Mobile RPG Genki Houshin Japanese Ver. Pre-registration Begins

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Developed by Shanghai Studio RedMoon, Mobile RPG Genki Houshin (元気封神) is set to be released in Japan in 2019. Pre-registration of the game also starts today at 7th May.

The game was originally released in China and Taiwan on March, 2019 and it has been brought to Japan by APPFAME Games due to its popularity.

Genki Houshin is a strategic card game where players can collect the cards of more than 80 Chinese historical figures and ancient gods. Card selection is crucial as each card has different careers and skills. The combination skills of the team also make large difference during battles.


Based on the story of Chinese novel “The Investiture of the Gods” (封神演义), Genki Houshin follows the adventures of a Chinese college student named Xu Mian (徐眠) as she accidentally travel to the ancient world after opening a Chinese relics in the museum.

At the exact moment, ancient warrior Jiang Ziya (姜子牙) is overthrowing Queen Daji (妲己), who attempts to take over the world with dark powers. Xu crushes on Jiang during the time travel and their bodies have been exchanged. Without any power, Jiang have to take Xu with him to continue the grand adventure.

Characters and Casts

Daji (妲己) – CV: Rie Tanaka (田中理恵)

Erlang Shen (楊セン) – CV: Natsuki Hanae(花江夏樹)

Lotus Lantern (敖寸心) – CV: Rina Satō (佐藤利奈)

Shen Gongbao (申公豹) – CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto (岡本信彦)

Jiang Ziya (姜子牙) in Xu Mian (徐眠) – CV: Yui Ogura (小倉唯)

Pre-registration Rewards

30,000: Spiritual Ticket X 20 for drawing 2 gacha in total
50,000: Spiritual Ticket X 20 for drawing 4 gacha in total
70,000: Spiritual Ticket X 30 for drawing 7 gacha in total
100,000: Spiritual Ticket X 30 for drawing 10 gacha in total
150,000: Spiritual Ticket X 50 for drawing 15 gacha in total


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