Sumito Owara's Manga "Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!" Gets TV Anime

Mr. Qoo

NHK announces today at 8th May, Sumito Owara’s (大童澄瞳) manga “Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!” (映像研には手を出すな!) will have a TV anime adaption, with Devilman Crybaby director Masaaki Yuasa (湯浅 政明) directing the anime at his Science SARU studio.

Yuasa also works on the script, alongside character designer Naoyuki Asano (浅野 直之) from Mr. Osomatsu and soundtrack music composer Oorutaichi (オオルタイチ). The anime’s official website also opened with a 55-second first teaser PV. Its broadcast schedule has not yet been confirmed.

About Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!

The adventure comedy manga was launched in Shogakukan’s Gekkan Spirits magazine in September 2016. Shogakukan has published three compiled volume and will release the fourth compiled volume on 10th May, 2019.

The manga follows Midori (浅草みどり), Tsubame (水崎ツバメ), and Sayaka (金森さやか), an energetic trio of first-year high school girls who come together in the Eizouken (Video Research Club) to turn their anime dreams into a reality.

The manga has won champion in My Best Manga Grand-Prix 2017 and the ninth place in Manga Taishō (マンガ大賞) 2018.


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